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SKODA - Designer


Very nice project for Leagas Delaney Prague with creative director Tereza Sverakova. Luma directors Paul Meyer and Chris Wieffering supervised the creative production process from start to end as we had the once-in a lifetime experience of shooting inside the Skoda Factory, IT Center and the Skoda Design Center.

Luma worked very closely with Black & Biscuit as the live action shoot was locally produced by Jiri Cerny and Katka Smilkova.


Directors: Paul Meyer, Chris Wieffering

DOP: Alexander Surkala

Advertising Agency: Leagas Delaney Praha

Creative director: Tereza Sverakova

Art Director: Tomas Vesely, Lauren van Aswegen, Kristina Ambrozova

Production J.A.R. : LUMA

Production Czech Rep.: Black&Biscuit



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